Bloomfield, NJ

Activity Page

Each month we will highlight a new activity that you can do alone or with your family to remember a person or pet that has died.

This month’s activity:

Memory Box

Completed Memory Box

Supplies Needed:



Glue or Tape

Photographs, magazine clippings, drawings


Cut pictures from magazines or photos that remind you of the person or pet that has died. If you do not have photos or magazines, you may want to write words on paper or draw pictures of memories.

Decorate the outside of the box with photos, magazine clippings, or words that remind you of the person or pet who died. You may want to share why you chose the items on the outside of the box.

You may want to write a letter or place a special keepsake from the person or pet on the inside of the box. This box can be a place to go back to and remember the person or pet anytime you want. You may want to add to this box on anniversaries or special occasions.

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