Bloomfield, NJ

Activity Page

Each month we will highlight a new activity that you can do alone or with your family to remember a person or pet that has died.

This month’s activity:

My Remembrance flower

Supplies Needed


White paper

Construction paper (different colors)




For this month’s activity, we are making a remembrance flower.

Start by cutting out petals of a flower. You can use as many colors as you want. When you are done, cut out a stem and glue or tape the stem and petals to the paper. To finish the flower part, cut out a circle for the middle of the flower and tape or glue it down.

Inside the middle of the flower, write the name of the person or pet you are remembering. On each petal write a memory about the person or pet.

You may want to share as a family the different memories you came up with and why.

Remember, all feelings are okay to have, and it is important to find safe outlets for them.

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