Bloomfield, NJ

Activity Page

Each month we will highlight a new activity that you can do alone or with your family to remember a person or pet that has died.

This month’s activity: Question Jar

Supplies Needed:

Empty Jar or Tissue Box
Markers or Crayons

As a family, decorate the jar with pictures or cover with plain paper. Place the jar in a central location in the house. Cut small pieces of paper and place them next to the jar along with something to write with.

Explain that this is a safe place to write down questions you may have about the person or pet who is dying or has died. Decide as a family if you will talk about the answers together or write responses on the opposite side of the paper.

This activity gives children who may not feel comfortable voicing concerns or questions an opportunity to ask them in a non-threatening way.

Adult caregivers can respond daily based on how the family has agreed to respond (either in writing or setting aside a specific time to talk about questions).

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